Wednesday, April 6, 2011

House work never ends.

House work never ends I did washing after washing today and after sorting out to the washing from thing that need iron to t-shit folding, scok folding and looking for that missing sock that went into the washing machine but never came and I think I was done no more washing. After leaving for to go get the phone I come back to the washing basket to find it full again it never stops but i think this washing needs to be hand washed.
This is one of my two cats Flame she is one of the most lazzy cat I have meet today.


  1. Hi Rob, tell me about it!

    Love your chicken in one of your previous posts. Is it easy to do? Where did you get the pattern?

    I've been crocheting for less than a year now. All I can muster is a granny square! I've managed to make 4 granny square cushion covers. I need to branch out!

  2. Hi jumbles and popmpoms
    the cicken is my pattern and not that hard i am still working on pattern to fine tune it i hope to have up here soon.

  3. Just found your blog.. Congrats on taking the plunge :))
    Its funny how crochet takes over ones life LOL
    have a crafty day :))

  4. She's beautiful!! And I love a guy who crochets! Here in Holland, we don't see man crochet or knit.. Such a shame!!