Saturday, April 28, 2012

quick hello after I thought the worse was over I have to buy new laptop I am using my friends real quick to write this when I do I have alot of projects to show you all. I thought I'll have a laptop by now but since I am married to someone who is in IT he keeps turning all the laptops I look at.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


A quick hello and tell you all I am still alive. Wow what crazy last 8 to 9 weeks first my Grandfather had to go to hospital so had to drive 2 and half hours home. then my budgie had to go the vets who was in there for 6 days. we had to pick up our new car due to some dick thought a red light was a green.  Then my Grandma had a bad fall and broke her hip another 2 and half trip home the my brother and my sister in-law had to leave there little girl with us while the went to a wedding in Perth due to she was not allowed to fly due to chicken pox's. My mum stayed with me for two week while she did a work thing and then I was taken to hospital due to three broken ribs due to a dog in a park was getting his ball and it did not matter who was in the way and fell on the edge of bench seat.  so that was my last few weeks all back to normal I hope thought I'll just check in and say all is well and I am still alive.