Thursday, March 31, 2011

Chicken family

Here is a chicken I made last year I am making heaps of them so I can have my own flock to sell I've been asked all the time.

I hope to buy a new camera soon was going to buy one this week but after getting told I need new glasses and to my partner so that was a big chunk out of our pockets.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

Wow what a month lets just start i have been really busy and I mean busy I have not even had time to pick up a hook first i had to go back home for suit fittings for my little brothers wedding. Then my partner got sick which means every time i try to crochet I need this I need that it took me 5 hours even more to finish one row of my blanket then i got sick but when I need something like a glass of water it get yourself but all that I love him and little things like that is all part of a happy relationship. another trip to my home town of Shepparton just to let you all know I hate going to Shepparton its a little country town 2 hours out of Melbourne where I live now. I had to go back for my second suit fitting since I was best man for my brothers wedding then the wedding which was another trip to Shepparton it was a great day sun was out got burnt great food sore feet tired and 2 hour car trip home. Then I get sick again and do not know how but dose not matter so lets hope i get crocheting soon.