Monday, January 23, 2012

Going Cazy

I have been going crazy Friday I injured my finger and it blow up stright away. So we had to go to the emergency room after 5 hours I found out I had dislocated my finger middle finger.
I have been told have to keep it taped like this for 3 weeks. That is not the worse thing the finger next to my thumb is my yarn holding finger and my middle is how I hold my work it is killing me that I can not crochet and I was half way thought a project. I'll find away to crochet who knows I my teach myself a new technique to crochet.


  1. Oh ouch - take it easy for a little while so it can heal properly. I hope it heals quickly for you. :)

  2. Take it easy , and let it heal .. read lots of crochet mags :))

  3. Autsch! That doesn't sound nice.
    Fingers crossed, that you soon can start crocheting again.
    Greetings from Scotland

  4. Hi Rob - If you participate in blog awards, I have one for you on mine. Have a great day. :)