Saturday, January 14, 2012

First Sewing Project

 So I hvae been busy playing with my new sewing machine so I thought my first project I made was a crochet hook case.

So far I have made two crochet hook case for my favorite hooks that I use most susan bate and my bamboo hooks I am thinking I might make one for my clover hooks make in more boyish( if that is even a word).


  1. What a great first project! You must have "the Knack" as they say. I love the colours.

    Love xxx

  2. Looks great and very handy in using. Nice colors!

  3. Hi Rob, Love the crochet case you have made. It is something that is on my 'to do list' very soon as i just throw m hooks in a bag and forever looking for certain ones. Could even be my 1st job for 2012 !...Sue~NZ

  4. Bright and happy colours for your project.. great idea :))