Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Almost Done

Hello all sorry I have been away this week my partner G and I went away for a week I did not know anything about I knew we were going away over the weekend due to my sister was getting married but my woundeful partner suprised me with whole week away. I am almost finished my Mrs Claus only the legs and apron to go and the tiny little touches.
hopeing to finish her this week but being away for week I also have to catch up on cleaning, washing and Chirstmas shopping.


  1. She looks already very nice! I'm looking forward to see her complete!
    Very sweet from your partner to suprise you!

  2. She's looking pretty - nice work with her face. :)

  3. Wow ... She is so incredibly beautiful and I'm really looking forward to the finish Mrs. Claus!
    Very cute idea with surprise and now enjoy your Christmas-Shopping and cleaning.

    Wish you a nice week and send many Greetings,

  4. Great work on your Mrs. Claus. I like the holly detail in her hair.

  5. Looking good from here..:))