Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Quick Update

Hi all been a while I have been really busy just quick update my goddaughter mother has had her baby ( It's a boy)  so been helping around there house cleaning, washing and best of all babysitting and my cat is fine she passed it fine but she did not just eat one but three. More post to come.


  1. Nice to hear, I just thougt long time no see ;-)and there you are,greetings Linda

  2. Glad to hear the great news about your friend and about your cat. Now the big question is will you reuse the stitch markers ever again?!
    xXx Helen

  3. Congratulations to them on the new baby! And I'm glad your kitty is fine. =) What a relief!

  4. Thankgoodness the cat is ok, but 3 Safety pins?? :))
    Congrats to mum on the birth of her baby boy, that is a joy :))

  5. Hi Rob
    Congratulations to the new arrival!
    By the way...arrival...the postie just's there...the hook!
    Thank you so much and sorry for all the trouble you had.
    Greetings from sunny, but windy Scotland