Sunday, May 8, 2011

Yeah New Mag.

Another magazine for my collection. Went to the newsagent for a newspaper but came out with a new mag crochet today came out with the ultimate blanket handbook have some of the patterns already from past magazines. I can not wait to go shopping for yarn and get hooking after I finish all my other project I have got going right now.

These are just a few what I want to make can't wait.


  1. Looks like a nice magazine - have fun with the patterns. :)

  2. I'd love to look through that magazine, but the thought of making a whole blanket gives me the shudders. I like small projects! ;) Good luck, hope to see some progress pics!

  3. Made a double blanket on a trip around Aus.. different colours for different towns and states..
    Can't wait to see what you make, great fun seeing them grow :))

  4. Blog troubles for you too - at least its not just me ;)

    And that mag - I have been resisting for weeks, luckily Jo Sharp had a few crochet patterns in her new booklet so indulged there this week.
    Maybe temptation will give way next newsagents visit . . . I really want to make the Granny Ghan

  5. I saw in your last post that you were having trouble uploading pictures to Blogger. I used to have trouble too. I started using Windows Live Writer to make my entries into Blogger. It works great, and you can do so much more with your posts and pictures. You should go check it out. It was not complicated at all to learn. Just follow the directions after downloading Windows Live. You'll like it. It'll be worth your trouble, I promise! Here is the link for it:

    Pammy Sue

  6. Thanks pammy I'll have to try it out.