Friday, November 4, 2011

What Is In My Bag

Today my mum was in town and was I went to powder room I asked my mum to hold on to my back and she could not get over how heavy it was so I thought I'll share with all what is in my bag.

This is my bag I made this over two years ago just before my sewing machine died on me.

First in my bag is my latest crochet magazines.

My yarn I did have another project in my bag but it got to big to carry around.
Also in my bag is my crochet hooks, pens, tape measure, yarn bobbins and scissors.

This is always in my bag I never leave the house with out it I am long and short sighted and always need to clean my glasses. I also never ever leave the house with out my drop since I don't have tear ducts so my eyes are always dry. (and I have never cried tears)

My note books are like my children I have two in my bag, one in the car, another in the lounge room another in my bedroom.

Here I have buttons, stitch markers, row counters, needles and thread and my safety eyes and nose.

And the last thing in my bag is my music and my snacks.

So what is in your craft bag.


  1. Hi Dude (or should I say Rob) .. Just stumbled on your blog while blog-surfing and thought I'd just say hello to a fellow Aussie. I was fascinated to see how much you could fit into your bag - no wonder it was heavy !! :) I tend to have lots of different bags and just take my current WIP with me, along with my Etimo Hook set which I love and which has everything I need inside. Anyway, nice to 'meet' you. Have a great weekend.

  2. That's alot of stuff to be carrying around. My craft bag basically has the same stuff though - maybe I'll take a picture and put it on my blog. Have a great day. :)

  3. Wow! Love it looks similar to mine! Sorry to hear sewing machine died.. :0(

  4. I don't have a bag. I do most of my crochet at home and if I do take it with me then I use an old jean purse and just carry what I need with me, hook, yarn, project, stitch markers, glasses to see and scissors. And pattern or book if needed.

  5. Love your bag! I'm not organised enough to have such a bag, wish I did tho! I'm always wishing I had something to do... maybe I should organise something this weekend.. :)