Tuesday, August 9, 2011

C is for cookie

Today my partner told me he wants me to make him some cookies. I asked what type would you like he said a giant one so i did.

Giant Choc Chip Cookie.

Also today I finished another scrapy yarn cat blanket from all the yarn tails over my many years of crocheting.


  1. Mmmmm - cookies. Love the scrappy cat blanket. :)

  2. That cookie looks awesome to me -- I am the original Cookie Monster. YUMMMMMM!

  3. Chocolate chip is my fav! Now you've gone and done it....now I want cookie!! :o) The kitties will love you for their new blanky.

  4. Yum!

    Great blanket-I'm working on one with my scraps right now, too. They're fun!

  5. Yummi,love chocolate chip!! The blanket is great, so colorful.

  6. I love your cat blanket! The giant cookie kind of scares me though haha
    I think is awesome that you crochet, I'm going to learn this year and I'm super excited!
    I will be following you blog from now on (:
    have a great tuesday!
    -Sandra Ponycat

  7. That blanket looks amazing, and so does the biscuit!
    xXx Helen

  8. O M Goodess :)) That is one huge cookie.. So how did he put that in his lunch box LOL..
    A great idea for your pet its own blanket.. One way of using up left over bits of yarn :))

  9. Step away from the cookie! Give me the cookie! Nom-nom-nom. That looks good and HUGE.

    That blanket is amazing. Did you really tie all that yarn together? Wowee. I like it.