Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Home Town.

I thought I'll share with all my favorite place where I live.

Here is the corner of my street.

This my favorite yes I live by the beach.

In summer I some times sit here with my crochet and stitch away at the moment it is winter in Australia so crocheting is a bit hard to do less then 2min my hands feel like there not there any more.

Next place is the pier there is a bench seat where I bring my crochet mag down and read. I do not crochet on the pier after because I did once and my yarn dropped over the edge never again.

This is under the pier in summer I bring down chair and crochet and read I like it because it out of the hot sun you can hear the waves hit the posts and the seagulls trying hard to steal food off everyone.

Also there is so much inspiration with art work and nature and wild life every time I go to the beach it changes.

This is one thing I did at the beach this year.


  1. Nice pictures - that's a beautiful place to live. :)

  2. wonderful to live so close to the beach. Lucky you

  3. Wow great pictures! I'd love to crochet on a beach, or sit under the dock in the shade as you said. That would be so cool! I'm in New York roasting in our 100F heat now. Send some cold air this way!!!!!

  4. It sounds wonderful to crochet at the beach in the summer.:))
    Thanks for sharing your pics :))