Wednesday, July 24, 2013

It's been so long

Hello all my wonderful friends
First I like to say sorry I have been gone for so long it has been one of those years. In my last blog post I wrote about going on holidays which was long needed photos up soon ( I hope). After the holidays every thing got crazy my new job is full on and I have gone back to school so with work and school stuff I have not done much crochet. Then we lost one of our pet birds I hit us really hard and his little mate need a lot of TLC because he was not eating or drinking. After month we got him a new mate and after two month in quarantine there was a lot of time introducing the two birds together. Not long after that I got really sick which turned out to be pneumonia I was in hospital for two weeks which leads into now were we found an owner miss treating its pet we were able to call someone to help after a long treatment at the vet tomorrow he/she is moving in with us we did not want another pet bird since we already have 6 now it turns into 7. With all this I became an uncle again not once but twice now I have 4 most of the most beautiful nieces here is what I made both for both my new nieces.


  1. Hi Rob - nice to see you again. You've certainly been busy - I'm glad to hear that you're doing good and feeling better. Congrats on your new nieces. :)

  2. Gosh a lot happening in your life .. Hope all works out well for you all...
    The crochet blankets are beautiful your little nieces will be kept warm in them for sure..:))